"Life is one big smokey burnout after another" - me

My Grandfather had a used car lot. One day when I was 15 I stopped in to see him and I noticed an orange car that I couldn't help but lust after.  Bright orange with a white vinyl top, 5 spoke cragars with Mohawk SuperMag 70's all around.  Parchment interior with console and a nice Hurst 4-speed shifter sticking up. I zoomed over to the cycle shop and afterwork convinced my Dad to go at least look at it. When we got there it was gone. It had been sold to a student at the local vo-tech school. Skip ahead a few months....One day I came home from the shop and my Mom says we are going to the grandparents house, I thought it was a little strange but I went. When we got there I noticed my Grandfathers Cadillac was out of the garage (he *always* had it in the garage except on Sunday to go to church), they told me to go in the gargage for something and when I stepped in the gargage, there before my eyes was the car of my wildest dreams, a 1968 GTO!!!!!!  That was in 1976.  I still love my GTO.

Above:  Homecoming Parade 1979 - Okmulgee Oklahoma  My car got put on the front page of the local newspaper in place of the senior class float for some reason.  I thought that was way cool.

Oklahoma City  - circa 1979

The picture below was taken at the Tulsa International Dragstrip around 1984.  Best time 13.30 @ 105 mph

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