my 68 Firebird

BEFORE                                                                                                                            May 15, 2004
   (scroll down for AFTER pics)

   AFTER                                                                                           November 19, 2005
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If you are looking for me at the track, here is what my tow rig will look like:

            Soon to have Pontiac Rally II wheels in place of the cheap looking modular wheels on the trailer !

Car history and previous work done listed below.............

I got this car in 1983.  It's 1968 Firebird. The original motor, 350 2bbl, which is still in it has 150k miles on it and has never been out.  The 2-speed transmission gave up a few years ago and I replaced it with a TH350 with a B&M shift kit.  Original AC and power steering.  I added front power disc brakes.  Future plans are for a 455 which sits on an engine stand in the garage right now to go in soon.  Along with a beefed up 200r4.  These pics show a '70 GTO Judge wing and an early 70's T/A shaker.  I wanted to make a '68 T/A but couldn't find any of the '69 stuff so I did this. The shaker will definately have to go when I put the new motor in because of the Edelbrock RPM intake I'm using.  The wheels shown are '86 T/A 16x8 crosslace wheels swapped front to rear because of the offsets.  I have 1/4" spacer behind the front wheels.  I plan to send off the wheels I have on the front and have them narrowed to 6.5".  I think I'll put this set of wheels on my CanAm and put the 15x8 snowflakes on the Firebird.

This is the motor that went in the Firebird (click here)

Progress history
       2-15-00   Front end disassembly.
       2-21-00   Motor pulled.
       9-5-00     Procrastination at its best.
       3-22-01   Subframe mounting hole rust repair.
       3-30-01   Subframe installed with PolyGraphite bushings.
       4-02-01   Steering linkage installed.
       4-07-01   Engine and trans installed.
       7-05-01   Fuel pickup upgrade.  Mallory 140 and filter brackets.
       7-08-01   Mallory 140 fuel pump and filter installation.
       8-05-01   Rear water crossover.
       9-01-01   Hurst V-Matic II installation for 200-4r.
     10-01-01   First drive.  Engine bay shots. Remote filter.
     10-17-01   Remote oil filter adaptor plate.

 November 2006     New Custom Interior

Miscellaneous little projects done or tried on my Firebird

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