My goal is for this engine to propel my Firebird to some high 11 second runs, maybe while running the AC, and get 18 mpg.  I have been using Jim Hands engine in his wagon as an example (what better?) Thanks Jim.

NEW PICTURES of complete engine

Block:  XF 455 4-bolt  (date code J309)
Heads:  6X-4 (date code L068)  Thanks to Kauffman Racing Equipment for the excellent work.  Flow Sheet
    Comp Cams 995 springs
    10 degree locks and retainers
    New guides
    Exhaust crossover filled
    PC teflon seals
    TRW swirl polished valves 2.11/1.77
Crank: Nodular .020/.020
Cam:  Wolverine #WG-5059, Duration 234/244 @ .050, Lift .488/.510 (.536/.550 w/ 1.65's), Lobe Center 112°
Lifters: Rhodes VDL
Pistons: TRW L2359 +.030 w/ TRW moly rings
Bearings:  Clevite 77
Oil Pump: Speed Pro # 224-113R
Rockers:  Harland Sharp 1.65 w/ ARP 7/16 studs
Harmonic Balancer:  New from local Pontiac dealer
Carburetion:  Qjet 750 or 800
Intake Manifold:  Edlebrock RPM, port matched
Exhaust :  Hooker Super Comps (HPC coated inside and out) alternate:    Long Branch repops, port matched
               Will be using a Dr.Gas crossover. 2-1/2"  pipe all the way.  Walker mufflers.

Transmission:  200r4 w/ 2500 stall lock-up converter  Thanks to Yank Converters
Rear End:  Status:  I have stripped my coil spring 12-bolt of all bracketry and have made a fixture so I can weld on the new tube ends I got from Moser.  This will  allow me to use bolt in axles rather than the C-clips.  I got new axles from Moser and also got the leaf spring perches and rebuild kit (includes carrier bearings, pinion bearings, shims, seal, lock nut, gear compound, gasket, and new bolts)  from them too.  Next I need to weld the new parts on the housing and get new posi clutches and springs.   I will be installing 3.73 gears.  UPDATE:  Rear end is done and it looks great, I hope it works as good as it looks!

BTW, the width of the original 8.2" rear is 61" outside-to-outside of the drums.  The coil spring 12-bolt was very close to this too.

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